We design, develop, and implement custom financial software in companies and public institutions. We integrate technology into offerings by financial services companies and institutions to improve their use and delivery to consumers.

    1. Payment systems (PS)
      We design, develop and implement IT systems for different kind of payments. We integrate payment systems with BPM systems to provide full lifecycle of business flow –  from the start of the gathering formal request documentation, to the final generation of SWIFT banking transaction messaging.
    2. Accounting systems (ACC)
      Accounting as an important part of business process is in the background of our IT systems. We provide our accounting solutions as an on-premises installations or cloud enabled software as a service. Our consultants work on gathering business requirements, analysis of business processes and customization of the accounting systems to enable smooth and efficient formal accounting tracking.
    3. Taxes (TAX)
      Taxation takes part in almost every financial transaction. We develop and implement software solution for calculation, recording, generating tax statements and paying taxes. We are also developing web service interfaces for the connection to the tax departments, perform fiscal transactions (fiscalisation)  and solutions for Revenue administrations to process tax statements and work with tax obligators.

We love to govern new exciting technologies and tools that motivate us to build beautiful and functional software

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