InfoDMS is a proven and effective technological tool for achievement
of the above stated goals, through the conversion of paper documents
into digital files and merging these electronic documents into a single,
unique and secure document management system. This system is then
easy to manage but also to establish the control and supervision over
all processes..

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ERPStream is an enterprise resource planning software developed by
Infostream using ORACLE platform.ERPStream is functional, easy
to implement and customize to the specific needs of a company.
Due to its modular architecture implementation can vary
from one module to whole package with full functionalities.

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Software development

In Infostream, it’s all about the software engineering. We are defining procedures, time and resources required to build, produce and implement high quality software solutions.

Maintenance and support

We are providing  maintenance and support IT services which enable our clients to perform their business processes with maximum efficiency and productivity.

IT consulting

We are providing operational and strategic consulting services related to information technologies, information system development and business improvements.

ISO certified

Infostream uses a flexible approach for software development with strong project management and quality control, which is certified by ISO 9001:2008 quality standard in the field of software engineering, development and maintenance.

Software benefits

All inclusive

Grow into solution for no additional module costs.Includes Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Quality Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Workspaces are  accessible anytime, anywhere – client-server, browser-based, on-line access from home or public PC, tablets, and smartphones – several persons with different roles in your company.


Reduced Operation cost. With software we reduces the production cost and all the department’s connected to one integrated system. We can do away with the issue of duplicate data or information.


Customizabile reports that give data that matters to you. Over 40 out-of-the-box, role-based workspaces provide increased efficiency for roles ranging from the floor manager to the finance manager.


Well-planned can speed up business processes, increased efficiencies and enhance their quality. Enable seamless reactions to business conditions. No human errors, no delays, and no lost papers.


Controls to ensure the security of your data. We can managers of the solution system and will improve restrictions to data, accuracy and consistency, all through built-in resources and firewalls.

How to choose a software when the choices are overwhelming?

Selecting the right software can be a challenge, with so many softwares providers in the marketplace. How to make the right decision?

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