We deliver the Software you need, no more
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We deliver the Software you need, no more<br> no less
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Financial software development

We design, develop, and implement custom financial software in companies and public institutions. We integrate technology into offerings by financial services companies and institutions to improve their use and delivery to consumers.

  • Payment systems (PS)
  • Accounting systems (ACC)
  • Taxes (TAX)
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Payment systems are usually based on data from registers. We develop registers as a secure database record information about the entities involved in business process as a final destination of administrative procedures. We have experience in buildng

  • Register of citizens (CR):
  • Company registers (COR)
  • Employee registers (ER)
  • Address register (AR))
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Digital transformation

We help companies and institutions in their need to transform their businesses from paper – based work processes to digitalised form We develop systems for gathering paper and other unstructured information and transform it into the digital form, with centralized processing. This makes information secure and available.

  • Document management (DMS)
  • Business process management (BPM)
  • eServices (eS)
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IT Infrastructure

  • Cloud
  • On premise
  • DevOps
  • Security
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  • IT consulting
  • Business process analysis

We are the Company for the development and implementation of quality business software solutions.

Technologies we use

Following the frequent changes in the world of information technologies, our team is using different technologies in different kind of software development projects. So, besides Oracle Developer Suite platform, we are using other tools and frameworks: JDeveloper Java, Microsoft C # ASP.NET MVC and advanced web platform tools based on HTML 5, XML, Javascript, Ajax, and Python programming language.

We believe that the modern IT solutions can be used in an efficient, productive and accessible way in everyday business.

Our clients

Pension Insurance Fund information system

our clients

Digital Address Register of Montenegro

our clients

Online aid for businesses in Montenegro

our clients

UCG3 (Taxis) information system

our clients

COVID-19 wage subsidy application


We love to govern new exciting technologies and tools that motivate us to build beautiful and functional software

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