Our vision is a continuous improvement of quality management system and information security management system, (Integrated Management System), with the gold of further business advancement, protection of confidential information and successful development of the organization raising customer satisfaction with the service and quality of service. This is done by executing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and constantly improving the integrated management system that provides and protects information and property from all types of threats, whether internal or external, accidental or intentional. Application of the principles of this policy is important for achieving the vision and maintaining a business integrity of Infostream Ltd. A business policy provides and guarantees:

  • Providing services and conducting activities that tend to meet and exceed needs and expectations of clients in all processes of the company building a confidential partnership with clients.
  • Providing services, performing  activities and ensuring information security accordaning to international standards and national regulations as well as internal technical rules.
  • Decision based on the facts.
  • Permanent and planned training of employees in all processes of the company within the scope of professions and integrated management system.
  • Risk management in order to ensure the security of the information
  • Protecting information from unauthorized access.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information.
  • Preserving the integrity of information using protection against unauthorized changes.
  • The ability to access and modify the information to authorized persons, when needed.
  • Implementation of continuous business plans which will be determined, maintained and tested in a real/live environment.
  • Investigating and documenting all violations of information security and business threats to the systems.