Property management

Infostream doo offers scalable ERP and DMS solutions to property management and real estate organizations with functionality designed to solve industry-specific business challenges. With solutions tailored to every real estate market, through extensive experience in meeting the complex requirements for retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts, Infostream brings a deep understanding of your industry’s ERP and DMS demands.

The success of today’s commercial real estate organizations depends on accurate data that provides deep visibility into the past and future performance and enhances decision-making on an ongoing basis. “Data, data, data” has become the new “location, location, location”. Every day you make decisions that affect the value of your real estate investments; without accurate data, you run the risk of lowering your net operating income and ultimately reducing the return. InfoStream software solutions deliver you the insights required to successfully improve the performance of your real estate investment portfolio.

Managing multiple buildings and investments is a common theme for property management firms. Infostream’s versatile solutions adapt to your multi-entity organizations business structure; if you are managing both retail and office space, we can centralize your diversified operations into one database while still providing segmented performance reports on each investment.

Understanding the complex and varied business requirements of the property management industry, Infostream has developed integration partnerships with many industry leading third party ERP and DMS solutions. Each integration was specifically designed to fill the gaps experienced by property management professionals within their ERP platform.