How to choose a software?

There are already a various number of software’s that enable the simplification and acceleration of document management. But, when it comes to choosing the right ERP, DMS, we must start from the following assumptions:

  • current status – whether and what of these software packages is already in use, how much of IS has already been developed in a given organization;
  • real needs – number and type of documents that are used and exchanged within the organization;
  • platform on which the software is going to be implemented – hardware, system software (operating system, database management, management information systems 110 network software) and application software (working environment);
  • User profile – needed for planning the training of users, implementation process, specific user requests;
  • Trends used in the software development in this area – because of the speed of changes introduced in developing this kind of software, this is one of the most serious and decisive factors when it comes to selecting the right software
  • what kind of team will implement, develop and maintain software appropriate to your specific requirements and needs

Only after considering all the above mentioned facts, we can approach the decision making.

Infostream Ltd., can help you to get the software that best suites your company or institution on the easiest, fastest and most efficient way.

Because only the use of advanced and well-structured software solutions, on the basis of well-defined procedures of creating, updating, reviewing and archiving is possible to create a sustainable system of handling documents and information in a simple and efficient way.