Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar business, whereas spending within the industry is in the focus of all stakeholders – patients, regulators, payers, employers and providers. Challenged with finding ways to better deliver cost-effective and quality care experiences to patients, healthcare organizations are pushing innovations into the core of their business and service models. This is fueled by the exponential growth of digital medical data that needs to be properly stored and managed.

Healthcare files, patient notes, charts, billing records, and other paper and electronic documents are managed in a secure, electronic healthcare records management system where files are searchable and instantly retrievable. Info DMS provides healthcare professionals with an easy-to-use system for managing healthcare documents electronically and in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

Moreover, empowered with new technologies, consumers are nowadays more engaged and selective with their choices in healthcare plans, providers and treatments. ERP stream ensuring improved access to relevant information about doctors, hospitals, diseases and financial aspects can significantly help patients identify the optimal care pathway.

All these factors put a great emphasis on the role of information technology in providing high standards of patient care. Therefore, reliable and flexible software solutions and IT systems play the pivotal role in creating safer, smarter and more patient-centric healthcare systems.

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